Alcohol & Drugs

Is your alcohol or drug use draining your finances causing arguments with your loved ones? Tolerance to substances and alcohol can increase leaving you feeling you need more to gain the same effect. Are you bingeing on a weekend and taking the party through to mid-week? Ever wondered how an alcoholic drink once a week increased to several times a week? Turning to alcohol or drugs to cope with stress or worry, to relax or unwind, to socialise and even to get to sleep can cause significant health problems if left unaddressed. Is binge drinking/drug taking ruining your nights out, wrecking your relationships, even getting you into trouble or injured, if so, then it’s time to change.

Life coaching sessions will help you gain control over your alcohol/drug use and your life once again. By accepting your behaviour and taking responsibility for the bad habit that was once a solution to a problem but now become the problem, you can once again have stability in your life. By working out your reasons for this pattern of behaviour, you can create new healthier habits that will start to make you feel much better about yourself and life again.

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