Anxiety & Depression

Do you feel anxious at the thought of making changes to your life? Ever worry about what others are thinking? Do you over think, wonder what others think of you or try to predict what will happen in the future about how something will turn out? Perhaps you are seeing less and less people and becoming isolated. Are you lacking motivation to get on and do things? Perhaps you are wondering whether it’s worth putting the energy into life.

Life coaching sessions will help you to let go of limiting beliefs, help you to realise where these anxious thoughts are coming from and help instil new thought patterns. You will begin to question the thoughts and realise they are only thoughts. They are not who you are. Feeling depressed is a sign that you are not happy with aspects of your life and it’s not working out how you planned. Let's assess your life to see which area needs an overhaul that will drastically improve other areas after making changes. You will soon see that life is worth living.

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